Anomalies of annihilation of -decay positrons in the system “22Na-gaseous neon of natural isotopic composition (~ 9% 22Ne)” and precedent of the theory of the complete degeneracy for para- and ortho-superpositronium in the supersymmetric N = 2 QED give grounds to represent alongside with Dirac fermions (QED) also phenomenology of a true neutral Majorana fermions (electroweak interaction/EWI and the Theory of Everything/TOE) as additional low-energy aspect of the supersymmetry ( -supersymmetry).

For the first time, the prospect of analog formalization of the status of a physical observer in General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory is designated ( -orthopositronium formed in substance in the final state of -decay type ). Lack of this is the reason for the stagnation of the modern Standard Model.

Key words: system “22Na-gaseous neon”, quantum electrodynamics, Dirac fermions, electroweak interactions, Majorana fermions, supersymmetry, additional -supersymmetry, Theory of Everything.

This is detailed abstract of the cycle of publications in the Electronic scientific & practical journal “Researches in Science” (15) and Electronic scientific & practical journal “Modern scientific researches and innovations” (17), which discuss the extension of the modern Standard Model/SM, dictated by a cycle experiments of observing the anomalies of the lifetime spectra of -decay positrons ( -“start” — -“stop”;  — nuclear gamma-quantum,  — annihilation gamma-quantum) in the system of “22Na-gaseous neon of natural isotopic composition (~ 9% 22Ne)”.

To stimulate the development of SM on the designated experimental base (USA/1956, 1965; Russia/1967-1987; England/1975; Canada/1975) and reasonable phenomenology (Russia/1977-2008) is a difficult task because the world community did not notice in the mentioned experiments the paradoxical correlation “22Na-gaseous neon”.

The hypothesis was confirmed by implementing critical comparative experiments with a decrease in the fraction of the 22Ne isotope in gas (1985-1987) [1] and phenomenology developed on this basis [2]. There is no other possibility to explain the Mössbauer effect for the “start” -quantum () in the neon gas phase as manifestation (involving orthopositronium/TPs formed in gas in the final state of -decay) a macroscopic vacuum two-sign spacelike structure — atom of long-range action/ALRA of Planck mass (alternative to counterproductive phenomenology “tachyon”).

With each act of the -decay of the type  (22Na, 64Cu, 68Ga, etc.) in space-time of complete relativity [3] the macroscopic mass 2|MPl| is realized.

The SM in a state of stagnation since beginning of the search for the physical realization of the mathematical structure of supersymmetry (mid-1970s). Now that the phenomenology of the Project of a new (additional) -physics “outside” the light cone/Project [4] has been formulated, the essence of the problem can be briefly stated.

When physicists discuss the appearance of virtual -pairs () in quantum Dirac vacuum does not comment on the question of the spin state of the pair. All quantum numbers of the physical vacuum are zero. Therefore, a virtual -pair can be born only in the singlet state (the total spin of the pair S = 0), i.e. in the SM/QED the birth of a virtual -pair in the bound state of triplet positronium (TPs, spin S =1) is excluded. This state of positronium is of particular interest for explaining the anomaly in the “22Na-gaseous neon” system, since virtual single-quantum annihilation is present in the dynamics of the TPs annihilation. This means orthopositronium oscillations in “the looking glass”, where from the standpoint of a physical observer the signs of the action and speed of light are negative and . The binding energy of the ground state Ps is eV, the hyperfine splitting of triplet and singlet positronium energy in QED eV.

In supersymmetric quantum electrodynamics/SQED the virtual vacuum state of orthopositronium is possible. Precedent is presented in [5]: “... in the case of supersymmetric N = 2 QED we find complete degeneracy for para- and ortho-superpositronium”. That is opens for physical observer the space-time “outside” the light cone, if we assume topological quantum transition/TQT in the final state -decay type .and TPs represents the analog formalization of a physical observer who (what) “sees” the two-sign spacelike ALRA-structure (“local” causality [2, 4]).

The expected implementation of the Project will mean that the positronium atoms generated by a positron in the final state of -decay -Ps (TQT) — ortho- and para- — are different from QED-Ps \ , and the mathematical structure of supersymmetry within Hamiltonian dynamics must be complemented by the concept -supersymmetry that go back to the problems of the Hamiltonian graph and the traveling salesman problem.

In this regard, a new and low-energy limit of combining QED and weak interaction is revealed — electroweak interaction/EWI. Consideration of the EWI in the framework of the alternative E. Majorana [6] (true neutral fermions) becomes a strong argument of -supersymmetry [7].

The fundamental unification of physical interactions (Theory of Everything) is achieved by filling each of the nodes of the Hamiltonian graph ( with allotment ALRA core  in dark matter — on Earth and in a gravity field of sufficient strength) by the masses by all stable particles of matter (mp, me, ). The compensating structure of ALRA in “the looking glass” contains these masses with negative sign [2, 4].

This is a worthy occasion to discuss the unified nature of dark matter\dark energy [4].

The program of a decisive experiment was proposed [8].


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